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We have been supplying the range of products from Liftup for a very long time now. Thats because they are so reliable and are constantly being updated with new software allowing them to do more and more to make life easier for those needing help with access issues. ... See MoreSee Less

3 months ago

Access Lift Consultants Ltd

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I have been very lax with this page for a while and much has happened. We recently installed two new lifts in London and because they are in private houses I cannot show the finished lifts. However here is a nice video that shows the lift in all of its glory...they really are perfect for a private home. ... See MoreSee Less

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Nice but you need the space

You can buy this from us

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Der er mange måder at komme ned ad en trappe på...
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There are many ways to get down a staircase…
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